Task Force Projects

Photo provided courtesy of Regina Pacis Academy, Norwalk, Conn

The following projects have been submitted by institutional members of The Cardinal Newman Society TaskĀ  Force for Eucharistic Education and accepted by The Cardinal Newman Society as meeting the requirements set for in the instructions — that the project is related to Catholic education as it pertains to the Eucharist. Institutional members must be a Catholic educational institution. These could include schools, homeschooling programs, colleges, publishers, and other institutions dedicated to Catholic education (rather than a parish, CCD program, Church, etc.).

To submit a project, complete the membership form. If you are already a member of the Task Force, click here to add a project.

Advent Family Evening Spiritual Reading

St. Raymond of Penefort Catholic Church

Dwindling Belief in the Real Presence

Sophia Institute for Teachers

Eucharistic Literacy

Holy Child Catholic School

Institution of the Eucharist

St. Thomas More Academy

Eucharistic Miracles of the World

St Josephs Catholic Church, Sequim, Wa

An Explanation of the Mass

The Cardinal Newman Society

Eucharistic Revival At Benedictine College

The Cardinal Newman Society

Latin Hymns and Holy Hour

Holy Child Catholic School

Teaching Latin Eucharistic Hymns

Holy Child Catholic School

Eucharistic Presence Nights

Father Gabriel Richard High School

Institute for Catholic Liberal Education Eucharistic Education Conferences


SAN1: A 17th century New World Cantoral

Arizona State University

Eucharistic Devotion through Prayer and Community

Aquinas Learning National Honor Society Students

Cardinal Newman Society Fellows

The Cardinal Newman Society

Sacra Liturgia Conference

The Cardinal Newman Society

Regional Holy Hour with Praise and Worship

Father Gabriel Richard High School

Director of Liturgical Music Hired

Father Gabriel Richard High School

School-wide Adoration and Praise

Mother of God School