Advent Family Evening Spiritual Reading on the Eucharist

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St. Raymond of Penefort Catholic Church

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Our family always has a set of prayers or litanies, or a book that we read during the dinner hour in Advent and in Lent. Since this is the time of Eucharistic Renewal, we opted to read Bishop Athanasius Schneider’s book, The Catholic Mass from Sophia Institute Press. Although it is 300 pages, and there are 28 dates in advent which amounts to around 11 pages a day, we plan to go as far as we can and then will read the rest on our own. One of our family members is reading ahead to see if there are any parts, e.g., long quotes, which can either be omitted or read on our own. Over the past years we have read other’s related to the spiritual life and other topics but thought that this year we would focus on the Eucharist.

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