Restoring Traditional Elements of the Liturgy

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Newark Catholic High School

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We are seeking to restore the understanding of Mass as Sacrifice, where Christ is truly present to by offered to the Father in atonement for our sins. To emphasize the sacrificial aspect of the Mass and the Real Presence, we have invited priests to offer the Mass “ad orientem” with the approval of our bishop, so that the emphasis is on the act taking place on the altar and not the person making the offering. We have eliminated Extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist so there is an understanding that the Eucharist is so sacred that it is not to be haphazardly distributed by anyone, but properly by a priest who is consecrated to serve that function. We have also set up kneelers at the two communion stations so that students who wish to show additional reverence to the Eucharist by receiving kneeling and on the tongue may feel free to do so. This is also supported by catechesis in theology classes on reverent reception and distribution of the Eucharist and the theological reasoning behind celebrating Mass “ad Orientem”.

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