Join the Task Force for Eucharistic Education

Institutional members must be a Catholic educational institution (rather than a parish, CCD program, Church, etc.). These could include schools, homeschooling programs, colleges, publishers, and other institutes dedicated to Catholic education. Individual members may be anyone associated with one of the institutions above, such as diocesan leaders, parish leaders, administrators, board members, teachers, professors, staff, pastors, parents, and students.”

Membership in the Task Force for Eucharistic Education indicates a commitment to one or more projects related to Catholic education (school, homeschool, college) that faithfully serve one or more of the four objectives of the Task Force:

  • a revival of Eucharistic literacy, by teaching students the truth of the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist;
  • a revival of Eucharistic liturgy, by improving liturgical music, prayer, and reverence in Mass and other liturgies for students;
  • a revival of Eucharistic devotion, by increasing students’ devotion to the Eucharist through prayer and adoration; and
  • a revival of Eucharistic living, by forming students in lifestyles that conform to the reality of Christ within them.

As an institutional or individual member of the Task Force for Eucharistic Education, you will work with employees and departments within your institution or individually to identify and develop inspiring projects that advance one or more of the objectives. By sharing your projects or resources with The Cardinal Newman Society via a dedicated website, you will be demonstrating meaningful participation in the bishops’ Eucharistic Revival while displaying your commitment to forming young people in devotion to the Eucharist.

As a benefit of membership in the Task Force, you will receive a monthly electronic newsletter highlighting several submitted projects.

It is our hope that you and your employees will report multiple and significant projects or resources to advance Eucharistic Education. We hope that you and your employees will develop new programming, engage in new research and publication, and provide new formational and devotional activities for students that support the bishops’ Eucharistic Revival.

Please note that projects and resources should be directly related to Eucharistic Education in Catholic schools, homeschooling, colleges, CCD programs, parishes, and families.