Institution of the Eucharist

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St. Thomas More Academy

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This is not a new event for our school, but one that has not been held for several years because of Covid-19 restrictions on gathering sizes and spacing.

Our school in commemoration of Holy Week and the Passion of Christ recreates a Seder meal that explains the foreshadowing from the Old Testament and connection of Christ’s sacrifice to the institution of Holy Communion that we know it within the Catholic Church. The meal is celebrated in our school houses so that young and old students are paired together. Readings are shared and discussion about the symbols present in our meal and the connection to how Christ offers himself as the sacrifice at the last Supper help students to link everything to the Real Presence at mass. We discuss the concept of the fourth cup at the cross and how the scripture clearly expresses Jesus to be the Paschal lamb and that he gives us Himself not only then, but every time we reverently receive communion.

We see this project as an opportunity to evangelize in our school community and then offer this to our families through home-led seders during Holy Week where the students can take a leadership role and share what they have learned with their parents and extended families. We have printable booklets for the students to use in school and will have a link to the printable online for our families to use.


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