Engage Hearts And Minds To Eucharist For Daily Living – Part I – The Mass

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Academy of Our Lady

Project description:

Our focus on Eucharistic Education consists of:

Using all Religion classes at the beginning of the school year to intentionally focus educating the students on the significance of the [daily/weekly/monthly] school Masses, and then continued throughout the years with liturgy and deeper understanding of the True Presence.

This also includes:

  1. Expectations on dress, behavior, and etiquette;
  2. Music appropriate to the dignity of the Mass;
  3. Encouraging participation at Mass using visuals;
  4. Encourage parental participation and encouragement on the enforcement of the norms for Mass attendance;
  5. Inviting staff of diocesan/archdiocesan office of Catholic schools to attend;
  6. Eucharistic Miracles Project on display throughout campus;
  7. Encourage students to make daily Adoration a priority in their lives;
  8. An intentional focus this year asking all Religion classes to dedicate one bulletin board in their classrooms to Eucharist education;
  9. Student selection and training as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion with certification given by the Archdiocesan Office of Worship. Commissioning is done in our first school Mass;
  10. Speakers on the power of the Eucharist during our Service week in January that focuses on our Catholic call to community action;
  11. Evening community Adorations with invitations to all students, faculty and staff, parents, and community; and
  12. Eucharistic candlelight procession with invitations to all students, faculty and staff, parents, and community.


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