Newman Society Task Force on Eucharistic Education

Project host:

The Cardinal Newman Society

Project description:

The chairman of the U.S. bishops’ three-year Eucharistic Revival has urged Catholic educators to help the bishops renew understanding and love of the Eucharist. The Cardinal Newman Society is eager to take up this charge, collaborating with faithful Catholic educators to advance the following objectives:

  • a revival of Eucharistic literacy, by teaching young people the truth of the Real Presence in the Eucharist;
  • a revival of Eucharistic liturgy, by improving liturgical music, prayer, and reverence in Catholic school and college liturgies;
  • a revival of Eucharistic devotion, by increasing devotion to the Eucharist among young people through prayer and adoration; and
  • a revival of Eucharistic living, by forming young people in lifestyles that conform to the reality of Christ within them.

Coinciding with the bishops’ Eucharistic Revival beginning in June 2022, The Cardinal Newman Society seeks funding to support three special projects:

1. Task Force for Eucharistic Education

The Cardinal Newman Society will identify, solicit, and promote inspiring efforts by Catholic schools, colleges, education programs, and individual scholars and students that advance one or more of the objectives above—toward a revival of Eucharistic literacy, Eucharistic liturgy, Eucharistic devotion, and Eucharistic living among young people.

2. Sacra Liturgia 2022

The Cardinal Newman Society will co-sponsor the Sacra Liturgia conference at the end of June 2022, hosted by Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco and aimed at a revival of sacred liturgy. We will lead a general session featuring a conversation with the Archbishop about Eucharistic education in Catholic schools, colleges, and other programs. We will also host a working group meeting of Catholic educators and liturgy experts to plan efforts for the Task Force for Eucharistic Education.

3. Cardinal Newman Society Fellows Program

As part of our Catholic Identity Standards Project to identify clear standards and best practices for faithful Catholic education, we will recruit Cardinal Newman Society Fellows to publish research and provide expert recommendations in the following areas:

  • recommendations for reverent liturgy in schools and colleges;
  • best practices for Eucharistic education in school, homeschool, and college curricula; and
  • best practices for promoting Eucharistic adoration and devotions (like processions) in Catholic education.

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