Diocese of Peoria Project: Reviving Ritual Reverence – A Primer for Catholic Schools

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Diocese of Peoria

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A few years ago, Most Reverend Daniel R. Jenky, CSC, Bishop Emeritus, published a pastoral letter to the faithful in the Diocese of Peoria on the Real Presence. In this letter, he mentioned a return to « ritual reverence, » especially as it applies to the Holy Eucharist. As a 45-year veteran in Catholic education, serving as a teacher, counselor, principal, and superintendent, I have wanted to create a primer on ritual reverence for our schools on topics such as: mass and adoration etiquette ( i.e., bowing in front of the tabernacle when crossing from one side to another or before receiving Holy Communion, altar server training, not chewing gum, learning prayers before and after receiving the Holy Eucharist, learning common sacred songs to enhance liturgy, etc.); and observing and reviving traditions of reverence of and remembrances from the past (i.e., making the sign of the cross when passing a Catholic church and whenever an ambulance, fire truck or police siren is heard, visiting a cemetery on All Souls Day to pray for the dead, etc. ). There are so many beautiful traditions of the Church that past and present generations can offer our Catholic schools as we invite and educate them into a lifelong love affair of their faith by practicing ritual reverence. This project would involve researching and interviewing various representative groups to gather ideas and practices to include in the primer.

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