Beyond the Senses- Eucharistic Poetry proclaiming the true presence

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Holy Trinity Homeschoolers

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I have written poetry on the Holy Eucharist and aim to work towards publishing it so that people can use it as an Adoration companion, to pray after receiving Holy Communion, or whenever they’d like! One Eucharistic poem will be published each week in the Holy Trinity Homeschoolers e-newsletter for families to read and download if they wish. Additional poems are also available through the link at Beyond the Senses – Holy Eucharist Poetry (

Here are a couple of my poems on the Eucharist:

My Reason to Believe (5/1/22)

What but as bread, This appears to be
Is You, Lord, it’s truly Thee!
It is You, Lord, I now receive
This is true, not because I believe

My belief cannot create
Can’t sew a seed, give man a mate
Can’t fashion out of dust
One who knows You, merciful and just

Alone, I am capable of but sin
Despite this belief I hold within
No, my belief doth not make You to be
Nor do You exist because You, I see

To You alone this glory belongs
To be praised in all earthly songs
It is You Who instills this Faith in me
You, Who inspires my will to believe

Prayer Before The Blessed Sacrament (11/8/20)

The surge of joy within me
Cannot be contained
When Your holy priest, there
Holds the Host, now raised

The bells, then ringing
Alert those who answer Your call
Your Son’s Sacrifice is finished
Perfect remedy for our sinful Fall

Bow my head in happy surrender
For Who I behold is completely You
Weary traveler finds rest and solace
Gazing upon all that is Holy and True

Whether before this moment
I was attentive in full
Now am completely captivated
By Your beauty’s pull

The Sacred Host, in vict’ry raised
The battle, You have won
Chalice of Your Precious Blood, so praised
Oh Lord, God’s glorious Son!

Now, humbly I approach You
Unworthy sinner, though I be
Joy running through my every bone
As I kneel and gaze upon Thee

You enter under my roof
I excitedly invite You in
O Divine Physician,
You heal my every sin

You gather me in Your Arms
I pray rejoicing, my head bent
You bring me comfort and joy once more
Through the most Blessed Sacrament!


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