The Eucharist as a Bridge between School and Parish Life

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Live Vertical

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Live Vertical helps foster personal encounters with Jesus Christ present in the Eucharist for our students, staff and families of our Catholic High School communities in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and the Diocese of Allentown. This is achieved through monthly visits with the students and teachers in Adoration, helping to lead them in a more profound Eucharistic experience. It is a time of integrated prayer, silence, witness and music. Depending on space constraints, Either every grade or select grades will take their full Theology class time in the chapel which will led by team members from Live Vertical. They partner with the campus minister and school administration to ensure that all students and teachers are able to have that time with the Lord. The focus of their mission is to help take religion from something learned to a faith that is vibrantly lived. Through these encounters the opportunity exists to help foster the continued faith formation of these students and adults by launching evangelization teams. These teams further the cause of evangelization not only in their school community, but in their home parish community as well. Effectively creating a Bridge between school and parish life!

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