Music of the Eucharist: Moved by Beauty

“The Early Church Fathers recognized that music was a powerful tool to convert the hearts and minds of the faithful and draw them to Christ. Music has the capacity to help us understand more fully and gratefully, the mystery and truth of our faith.”

The University of St. Mary’s Capella group has a particular mission and ministry to draw others more fully into the beauty of the Eucharist. In 2023 they have begun a two-year project, “devoting rehearsal time and resources to record a collection of music that focuses on the Eucharist. This includes chant, antiphons, hymns, and polyphony from a wide range of years and styles.” They are planning a pilgrimage to Spain and France where they will sing and record their beautiful music on the sites of Eucharistic Miracles in adoration of Christ’s true presence in the Eucharist.